Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lip Balm Tutorial Time!!!!

Hi everyone!  Today I made up some lip balm, and thought I'd share the process!  Let's get right into it!

What you'll need:
-A double boiler or similar (I use a regular old pot and a pyrex bowl dedicated solely to wax projects)

-Lip Balm tubes (I use these from Amazon)

-A pipette (Got mine here)

-Beeswax (I got mine locally, but you can buy it on Amazon. I melted my block first and separated it into 2 tblsp mini-blocks) About 2 tablespoons

-Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  3 tablespoons

-Shea Butter 3 tablespoons

-Sweet Almond Oil  Just a little smidge, I just poured a little in. 

-Essential Oils **Use only Theraputic Grade Essential Oils**  I recommend Young Living Essential Oils. I happen to be an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, so I can hook you up with some great oils! 20 drops

Step 1: Gather your Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Essential Oils

Step 2: Get your double boiler going! As you can see I use a regular pot, put in some water, and place my bowl on top.  I used Medium heat on the burner

Step 3: Melt your stuff! DON'T add in the essential oil yet.

Step 4: Add in 20 drops of your oil. I used "Joy."  If using more than one oil, use 20 drop TOTAL, so split it up!

Step 5: Stir, Stir Stir! I use a spare chopstick.

Step 5: Using your pipette, suck up some of the liquid and squirt it into your empty lip balm tube. Fill as close to the top as you can.

Step 6: As the lip balm cools and solidifies, it will contract down, so save some to top off the cooled ones.  Allow to cool for a least 20 minutes before placing the caps.

And there you have it!  Enjoy!

If interested in ordering Young Living Essential Oils, comment or email me here. If emailing, please put Essential Oils as the subject. Thank you!!

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